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Finding Your Passion

In headstart it was the girls basketball team

I was terrible, I have to admit
skipping instead of running
Still couldn’t keep up but I made my mama proud

In kindergarten
I wanted to join soccer
But let myself get talked down
At the last second

For the next 6 years
I lost myself in the sound
Of my notes intermingling
With those of others singing on stage

When I was in elementary
And on into middle school
All I could think about those years
Were the harmonies of our times on the stage

Unfortunately I was pulled away
No longer allowed to lift my voice and sing
Dropped into the hands of contemporary dance
From there my interests strayed far and wide

I wanted to dance
And act in front of an audience
To exert myself mentally, physically
Spotlight shining directly on me

One year I wanted to display my artwork
Become uplifted and have it prioritized
The next I wanted to do theatre
Though before long it was shut down by the school

Another year I wanted to join volleyball
but felt too pressured after hearing
The toll it was placing on my mom
It didn’t matter, it wasn’t the most important

Afterwards I wanted to join clubs
For Diversity, Poetry and Book readings
Anything and everything I could all at once
But they all fell through for lack of transportation

In my final year I was adamant about the theatre
I performed again, both dancing and singing
Art I made was among the props we used
My fellow performers looked to me both on and off set

All my youth I spent shyly chasing the stage
Didn’t matter what form it took
As long as all eyes were on me
Though I didn’t have the guts to fully claim it as mine

So I found what I couldn’t live without
Decided to build myself around who I was
Nothing could take it away harmlessly
Because I was done messing around

When I was a senior
The people around me expected change
They looked for signs of transition
From writing towards a ‘stable’ trade

Now it was their turn to indulge me
What they thought was another phase
Watching as it kept growing and building
Becoming an entity forcefully recognized

So many memoirs center around
“What would have beens” because
They allowed others to decide for them
Letting the faults be all or nothing, but not theirs

However I made sure I had the last say
Even if they weren’t my decisions
The mistakes others would have created
I made sure I was the only one taking responsibility

When I was a freshman
I wanted to be a choreographer
Not just dancing background
But creating my own moves

When I was a sophomore
I wanted to play sports
Become more active in life
Focus more on today, not only the future

When I was a junior
I expanded on my need to keep writing
Entertaining hobbies to humor others
Just keeping my passion to myself

But after realizing everything else
Failed without me giving a second glance
I knew that I couldn’t remain unfaithful
To the one thing that never let me leave

Now my vow lies in my words
Both written and seen, spoken and heard
Who needs an alternative choice
When all you ever needed was right there

I chose to embrace my gift
Accepting it’s hazards along with the beauty
Nobody decides what is hobby or career
Passion knows no bounds, and neither does talent

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