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Yin & Yang (Part 2)

Girls are like Mercury

Unstable in large groups and
Unstable in small groups too
Small doses can drive you mad as the hatter
While more can leave you bird box crazy

The only known cures
Are chocolate, affection
Two armed hugs that squeeze you tight
And cute fluffy plushies
But what really makes their hearts melt
Is someone to both love and be loved by

Someone who has had their ion them for awhile
And won’t take them for granite
Showering them with the attention of π (never ending)
A person who would give anything to be their T-Cells
Protecting them from anything and everything

Does your heart’s luminosity increase when she is around?
Would you make her your number 1 on the periodic table?
Believe she is the square root of -1 and can’t possibly be real,
Or that she must be a red blood cell herself
Since she takes all of the oxygen from your lungs
And brings it to your heart like ‘Kyun Kyun’?

If you treat them with the devotion of Oxygen and Neon
She will definitely be the ONE for you
If she asks if you prefer
Copper and Tellurium, or Flerovium
Show her the question is obviously the square root of 2 (irrational)
Because she is both CUTE and Sodium FINE

Approach her with the familiarity of a classmate
And swear up and down
That your fate must be bonded
Because you guys definitely have chemistry together
Without her you are as unstable as the Francium element

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