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Looking From The Outside In

Where does one begin

When they are looking
From the outside in?
Do you describe
Everything you see-
Everything you hear-
How does one differentiate
The scenes laid out before them?

Where does the perception
Catch up to the reality
Allowing the viewer
To see it as it’s being lived?
Can you really claim to know
What others are based on the show?

Past the countless facades
Past the erected barriers
A visage only on the surface of the inside
Who’s to say it can be decided
So easily, where is ‘meets the eye’
Is this even truly a proper disguise?

Where does one begin
To be true to those who
Are looking from the outside in?
Even if you lay bare all that you are,
It can be psychologically reversed
But the immersed count higher than understandings

Up and down, in and out
Who’s to tell which side
Is really looking around?
About and out, contemplating smiles or frowns
It’s a cyclone of too much information
The processing never stills

Stuck inside the frame of window panes
From the inside looking out
Confusion rolls deep as both sides
Repeat the same thoughts, criticized
Gone on so long they can’t remember
Which were lies or if it really has become their new lives

The eyes lead to the soul
The actions lead to the heart
The voice leads to the brain
But what happens when they blink
What happens to the tsunderes
Or to those who can’t and won’t speak

Frozen in these very moments
Unable to break it up amongst them
And communicate what it all means
Stumble the ones who
Look from the outside in and those
Who are looking from the inside out, all the same

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