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The Writer

As a writer how do you know the differences between the styles?

The instinctive versus the intentive are nearly identical,
the differences hardly exist.
Sometimes you can’t tell just by what you see in front of you,
Though some of the radicals have little ticks you can pick up on.
It’s the ones that actually blur the lines
Where the most trouble originates from.
It’s almost like a minute switch goes off in split seconds of decision,
Allowing them to override styles and denials of structure.
You have to watch them in the process of creating,
Listen to the tones they adapt through the letters and paragraphs.
The initial has no say, but the final product also holds very little sway.
The in-between moments shine more light on
Where the pendulum will stop in its eternal rest.

I pity the fools who will try to dominate their works of art in the name of learning.
Constantly trying to undermine the writer
And push the core beliefs against such a tincture.
Intents can be swayed but nothing daunts instincts.
Just all the more to easily rile them up,
Erratically placing their desires in patterns only seen
Through the creation and unwaverable from critique.
No matter how you study these styles,
They intend to highlight such flaws as to make no mistake.
This will never be definable through adjectives,
Only able to be felt through the mind and absorbed completely.
They literally made their places in the world and will
Preserve throughout time unlike any other.

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