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Tales of Tails

As a canine familial friend
There are some rules
That my owners defend

We can’t use my girls’ stuffed animals
Or my boys’ hats and shoes
As a play toy, to destroy them

No chasing the mailman
Chewing through any wires
Or walking through the kitchen

But today, they forgot something
They left big bed frames
In the only route to the water bowl

My brother Wyatt and I
Stood at the forbidden entrance
Pondering our choices

If we chanced it...
And stepped through the kitchen
We would finally reach the water!

But like always, someone was home
Today it was our girl
And while it was kinda fun

She is always chasing us around
For having our paws even
Slightly on the kitchens’ linoleum

Striding past me
Wyatt sauntered
Across the divide

A bit apprehensive
But otherwise confident
That everything would be fine

’What are you doing?
Bad boy, but for now it’s fine...′
Our girl admonished him slightly

Giving her a soft growl in thanks
I heard him begin to lap
At the water like a dehydrated pup

Knowing he just got through
Relatively easy I was tempted
But it’s best to always asks first

Whining softly
To grab my girls’ attention
She calls to me, allowing it

‘Come on Faith’
Pattering through the kitchen
Quickly back to the safe carpet

I see she is smiling
On the other side
In a friendly greeting

With a lick of thanks and
My brother finally done
(out of the way)

I take my turn
Lapping up some water
Though with a slower speed

Once done we settle down
And sunbathe by her sides
Panting in content

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