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If someone asked

Each of you to
Name all the things
That you loved
About yourselves
How long
Would it take
For you to
Name yourselves

I thought I had
Been making progress
From my self loathing
About the many flaws
After I realized
They were the best parts
That increased my
Crazy charm

Always appreciated
My cute little nose,
Always loved
My long hair
Despite the frustrations
It seemed to cause
Trying to make it
Cooperate or untangle
Each morning

Learning to make
This list longer
One part at a time
But when I was
Asked this very
It took me by surprise
Completely off guard
With how much it hurt

I had never
Taken into account
Myself as a whole
Just a body
That was made up of
Individual pros and cons
Used to hiding behind
What I once thought ugly
And now think is pretty

Makes me wonder
Just how long had they
Been waiting to
Hear those exact
Words come out and
For me to acknowledge
Myself as deserving
To be loved
It has to start with me

Next time someone
Asks me to
Name all the things
That I loved about me
The time it takes
For me to name my all
Will begin with myself
And continue on
With the reasons why

To finally list them
In order befitting
A self confident,
Blessed by God,
I know I will always be
I’m just not my type
But someone else out there
Has an image of ‘the one’, set as ME

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