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Why work hard to earn privileges

When the next person
Immediately reaps your rewards
It’s as if the challenge is specified
For individual completion
But designed as a trust fall for all

If you fail, try again
If you pass then everyone passes
What kind of feeling
Does that leave the challenger?
Empty bitterness and weary regret
Just another pawn in the chores

Time to lay down and stay down
Doesn’t matter if you get back up
It’ll just be past on to another
Who will be forced to then share their
Earned glory with those who sat back
Watching as it’s scarfed away instantly

Slackers reap all the benefits
That the dedicated sow
Each given their own tasks
First done reassigned to assist
The ‘slower’ goers to finish as well
Twice the work vs. Twice the rewards

Work ‘smarter not harder’
But what about when that means laziness?
This isn’t team work
In neither name nor essence
It broke the dream and hushed the screams
Of the scape goat who created the backbone

Put your giant back to sleep little one
This isn’t a fight you can win through
More cunning or less effort
Only time can take that toll and
18 years is enough to change the game
So wait for your buzzer beater and strike in the last seconds of the game

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