Flash Poet

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Idk why everything always

Has such a problem with me
Issues coming out left and right
Making things three times as difficult
Than they are for other people
I’ve got to say that technology
Really tops it all though

You don’t even wanna know how long
It took me to master Facebook
And that was before I finally installed
Those 27 past due updates
That ended up changing it completely
Making me start all over again
(I’m still horrible at it but ssshhhh... )

Math class also strangely has that effect
It’s so easy when it clicks, a matter of minutes
That they added a secret bonus level
To see if I could keep my eyes open
Long enough not to sleep instruction away
Give me 15/90 timed and I can complete anything
But put me at a desk and it only takes the first minute

Books aren’t as fiendish as the rest
My loves aim to please
It’s just completing the series
That issues a joyride of Emotions
The last book hides with Atlantis
Until I’m too broke to take it home
Maybe it’s an Otaku curse...

There they are, my top three that always always seems
To come out with the victory over me
Thankfully my bros learned code
And my teachers learned to keep poking me awake
Best of all, my friends helped me keep tabs
On illusive titles, to trade for their own escapees
Ain’t that some relief?

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