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Language Barriers

I don’t really care what others assume

They can gossip and giggle
All they want, it doesn’t bother me

If they think
I can’t understand
That’s on them

If they think
I haven’t learned the basics
That’s on them too

Even if they never realize their generation
Is second hand goods, made across the street
Every bit of that is on them

Just because I start with my native language
Doesn’t mean I’m not proficient
In a second, third or fourth

And with so many interracial lovers
Why would you just assume
The max limit is one?

But it’s fine, they can think whatever they want
No one ever said language is
Only a two player game

I may not be the best translator around
Though I can say with pride
Mine isn’t limited by convenience

Born English
Raised with Spanish
Both in school and on the streets

French and Italian next
They aren’t too hard to grasp
Thanks to similarities

Learning German
Isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be
It just seems to stick for me

Dutch however, keeps me going in loops
If I’m not careful I keep mistaking parts of it
As Spanish and get thrown off track lol

Sign language, though untaught
Actually helps me comprehend
Those tv announcements made by officials

I’d love to return the favor
And help another who relies
On it so completely

Next time someone pretends to
Not speak my language
Or talk like they just know I won’t understand

I get to smile sweetly
Savoring the moment and making eye contact
Before I interact with them on their own turf

The reactions are always priceless
Question of ‘Just how much does she really get’
Lingering for months to come

Because I don’t reveal all of my limits
By the time you grasp where my restraints lie
I will have learned from you and improved

If they think
I can understand
That’s fine by me

If they think
I’m well past proficiency
That’s fine by me

If they think
I am just airheaded, but aren’t willing to sleep on me
That’s more than perfectly fine by me

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