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New Baby Smell

That new baby smell is really something

The one that is supposed to be weird
Yet is strangely intoxicating-
A scent made just for you.

If you bond with a newborn,
It’s body bonds with you.
An underlying urge to cuddle
To stay as close as possible
As if wrapped around it’s tiny little finger

As I have a sensitive nose,
That picks up faint traces of things
Even others can’t sense right in their faces,
Other people are sometimes hard
For me to get near.

Smells are stronger coming from living beings,
So directly after the bath is easier to handle
Right after the excess everything is washed away,
Leaving just the natural stuff
Maybe even the body wash I suppose

Babies are both the same and different
It’s not just that they need to be cleaned up
It also has to do with the intense dislike
About the fact they have other scents lingering on them
Like a strangers’ fingerprint on something that’s so precious to you

People may say that you seem whipped
But its psychologically impossible to stop
Really claiming the little cuteness as yours,
You’d have to put them in the inside of your walls
Ready to protect against everything, and willing to give anything

Me and my thoughts argue sometimes
Over being exhausted with my Bijou, my baby
Everytime my arms protest against one more superman
And urge me to pass him to the next playmate
I only ever last a few hours before I am back for more

My inner ramblings are always sated with the abundance of cuddles
That result from days of pampering Bijou at a time
And I start to get ahead of myself
Thinking that a week off, for him to visit other family
Will be just right and I will be fine

Days one and two are spent resting up from the fun
The next few are normal, re-adjusting to the absence
Everything after that though, is a nonchalant aching
From the too quiet emptiness and restless longings

As soon as Bijou comes back from his visiting
We both reach out to the other, happy grins wide
Snuggling close in the much missed embrace
I realize a not so subtle softening of my muscles
And can’t seem to put him down

Not until his scent is once again circulating through the room
My nose buried in the soft curls of hair
And rubbing my face in the squishy cheeks before me
Neither of us can seem to settle down
Having to assure ourselves we are home

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