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Tag In The Dark

Some unknown man was following

It was late at night and it was obvious
The target was clearly the ‘oldest’
Instead of staying inside and making it become a stake out
It became a game of tag I’m it

3 similar physiques sent out in disguise
Through the back door
One to the left and one to the right
Decoys to deceive so the third could flee
A taller figure hunched over, a smaller figure imitating her stride
Which to follow, will he follow or hang back?

The left was protected by the shadows of an unlit street
Fool me once, shame on me
The stranger decided the odds were better
Just to come face to face with the wrong gender

The right protected by the string of bushes to dart and hide behind
Fool me twice, shame on you
Turning around quickly to catch up to the smallest
He couldn’t find her no matter how he creeped along

Once the bait was taken, the last hurried to get in and start a car
Fool me thrice, you’d better clench your teeth
It was a race against luck
To see which one chance favored that night

The chase was on
Her head start was used wisely
Forced to circle the block he never caught up
Around a curve and lost at the next turn
Miracle of miracles, an engine revved at the light
Misleading the stalker, during the wee hours of the night

In reality she had looped back
Collecting the decoys from their alternate locations
Once reunited, they kept on driving
It wasn’t smart to go back immediately
Smarter to stay lost on the streets

They never saw him again
But they still felt eyes from time to time
Over the months though, mysteriously
Those too disappeared from all but memory
That lone game of tag, the sole remnants

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