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Brother From Another Mother

What should I say, what can I say?

I have thoughts and emotions

Towards everything going on

But there's little I can do

That I don't already try

That I haven't already done

I always felt it was my place

To help others in life

Those delinquents authorities

And everyone else keeps putting down

They were the ones whom I tried

To show a better light

I didn't mind being part of their group

Nor did I try spending every breath

Lecturing them and preaching law

Simply remaining by their sides

Showing them what I believe

Through my actions, gently refusing

To partake in questionable deeds

That 'normal friend' actually made a difference

I was that singular good influence for them

Seeing them start to stop on their own

And better themselves is all I'll ever need back

A solid anchor to steer by, goes a long way

All of the foreigners and immigrants

That travel through areas I inhibit

Struggling to adapt to a new environment

Another language, I tried my best to

Bridge that gap one word or gesture at a time

Learning their languages and their cultures

Are a few of the memories

I will hold onto over the years to come

The elderly, the ones who have lost their way

The ones in a bind who could use help in a pinch

Need nothing more than some time and assistance

What is 20 minutes to direct someone to their destination

Or at least to someone more savvy with it?

What is a bit of labor to help an elder shop

Carrying their heavy items and making sure

That they can cross the street safely?

What is the purpose of grace or empathy

If not to use your connections

To help someone in need?

Some privileges may not have been granted to everyone

But not everyone have gotten them freely

I can empathize with those who hold grudges

Against the pain of false entitlement

Unjust cruelty and wicked pride

I just ask that you allow me to stand beside you

My tears are silent because I feel it is not my voice

That should be heard above yours

I do not want anyone's attention for

Reasons that deal in the sufferings of others

My place isn't to over shadow

But instead to serve as your shield

If the occasion arises that I can be of service

To a fellow citizen when being done wrongly

Then I will count it as a blessing to help

Skin color matters not, because even the sun

Can change mine in just a few hours

I prefer becoming a sentry to help heal

Rather than a mockery of the very ones

Whom need support and safety the most

Call it selfish if you will, call it naive if you must

But simply sitting back is not an option for me

I have no idea if I would have a moment

Of weakness and hesitate to worry over the situation

Though I promise you that I won't stay frozen

Neglecting my civic duty to save a life

Everything I am capable of, anything at all

Will become my strength to lend another

Standing where I am, there is nothing solid

Nothing concrete for me to grasp or do

Just a silent witness to something

That should have never happened

Learned way too little, too late

A sentry who can only help the fallen stand again

Should you protest and return home

In health worse than you left

Please allow me to offer you a nights rest

A warm hearth to heal before venturing out again

Should you speak out only to be rebuked

Rebuffed and retaliated against

Please allow me to offer comfort and understanding

So that you may know you are not alone

Just because not every member is speaking out

Doesn't mean we aren't behind you all the way

Some of us live in shadows and choose to work the same way

Behind you to pick you back up

Because who else will apologize and

Help to right these wrongs?

Beside you to give our full support

Because we want you to know

You matter, you always have

In front of you to protect you from this

We won't stand on the sidelines

Despite how many times we are brushed aside

I will stand for you despite what form that takes

And if I fall, I will rise again to stand with you once more

For as long as it takes to keep you safe

I am aware that my response is full of holes

And can be beaten down into submission

For its 'lack luster appeal' to the masses

But I'm not writing it for any of them

This is for the ones no longer here before anyone else

Those seeking an answer from me on these events

Got the only reply I'm going to give

I'm not here to appease either group

Or renounce this, that and the third

Emotions are running high all around

So this is my soul, honoring the existence

Of every other single opinion

Every other single flare of emotion merging with the next to become

More than you alone, but a force to be reckoned with

I deny not your cause, fore I feel for it as well

Now to speak to those who are truly so weak inside

That they need to pick fights with anyone different

Just to feel like they are special in this world

Karma sure is a bitch when you offend it

Every sacrifice that has been taken thus far

Only fuels the repercussions you are way overdue for

Don't worry, it's on it's way and this is just the start

We are a strong people and I refuse to let anyone say different!

Blood doesn't make a family just as color doesn't make a person

I have seen the kindest people wear a darker skin

Just as I have seen true monsters wear the lightest colors

Neither is anything but a grey blurred hue

But there are radicals who have gone too far for too long

No matter what era in history spoke of unjust subjugation

There were first those that helped where they could

Before the people all rallied as one to crush the cruelty

Right now we are in that beginning phase

And we are in the middle of a transition

Too long have these voices gone unanswered

Too long have these reaching hands been denied their rights

Too long have the miracles of empathy been too few to go around

If you won't listen to the "reason" you so pridefully boast to serve

We the people will use the same methods

Protestors will continue to peacefully parade

Across all the major cities

Rioters will continue to use this chaos to their advantage

To steal, vandalize and destroy these stores

The remaining good police officers will continue

To be caught in the crossfire as they actually try to help

And worst of all, more lives will be put on the line

Haven't you had enough of senseless violence?

Put your self righteous and supremacist egos aside

Once we lay these souls to rest our 'silence' will be finished

If you haven't noticed.... Take a look around

You have been killing the wrong people

For the wrong reasons for way too long

All lives matter, you saying they don't

Is the same as saying your own is worth less

Than any life you have taken or plan to take

If they truly don't matter why do you feel the need to kill them?

America wasn't founded for a single race or a single idea

We represent the lost and the unwanted

But frankly, if you can't live peacefully

With our brethren and sisters then we don't want you

Don't like it? Then LEAVE

No one is forcing you to stay

Just be warned that if you choose to do so

The rules are about to change again

And this time your presence

Will no longer be tolerated with those actions

Clean up your act because we the people

Are coming to make sure you do

Our veterans didn't spend their lives for you

To waste the very ones they are protecting

For your selfish, arrogant, cowardice

These are my people and if you think knocking them down

Will keep them quiet, you have another thing coming

Even if they fall I will be right here for them

I will remain standing until they get back up

I will remain helping them until the day

They no longer need me

Cause guess why?

All. Lives. Matter. Bitch. Get it straight

(Post marked 6/4/2020)

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