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Haiku's (1-14)

Title: In Passing

Time sure does fly by

When you succumb to the urge

Hours pass as you write

Title: Exhaustion

Should I be worried

That you are tired and need space

Or just let you rest?

Title: Joy

So excited yet again

I can barely contain this


Title: Mood Swings

Emotions conflict

Macabre yet still gentle

Encompassing all

Title: Rain

Softly misting down

Caressing those you can reach

A loving embrace

Title: Coffee

Caffeine that kills yet

Eagerly consumed despite

Got to love the rush

Title: Mother-in-law

Brave the horrendous

Defend your love despite the

Mean. Mother. In. Law.

Title: Unwritten

Eyes connect, convey

Bodies signal another

Communicate words

Title: And Yet

This conversation

Finished and run its course

Hit with the ‘And yet…’

Title: Hunger

Fueling? Replenishing?

What measurement can fully


Title: Welcome Back

How the hell are you?!

If you ever need to talk…..

I’m so glad you’re back!

(Dedicated to @SuggarDaddy)

Title: Last Straw

A single thing can

Snap the string on boiling

Undiluted Rage

Title: Cars

A boy’s every dream

But not important as shoes.

Shoes are everything

Title: Selective Humour

When the best jokes are

Always about murder and

How to kill quietly

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