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Haiku's (15-28)

Title: Confusion

I feel like you are

Trying to be mean, but I

Just don’t understand

Title: My Bad

OMG I think

I just startled this old lady

With my laughing screech

Title: How I Like My Eggs

Fried over medium

Omelette or scrambled with cheese

Sunnyside up

Title: Night Owl

When considering

How much you actually

Love sleep, why waste it?

Title: Inverted Days

Nocturnal preferred

Sun doesn't love me anyways

Why not just reverse

Title: Reluctance

Ugh I really do not

Want to retrieve my charger

From upstairs at night

Title: Mommy Is Great

I have dad vibes but

still makes me fluffy to hear

you say you think so!

Title: The Best Place To Be

Busy, quiet,

Everyone needs somewhere different

For me it's alone

Title: Pain Can Be Stolen Too

I just realized

That my horrible sobs were

Mistaken for his

Title: Midnight Bathroom Breaks

How many times will I

Keep running into the door

Every night in my daze

Title: Healing Vibes

Words originating

A fluffy puddle of feels

Melts me to the soul

Title: Begrudged Thanks

When somebody feeds you

On your period and you feel

Reluctant happiness

Title: Instincts

Bruh I hurt my back

Making a mad dash to catch

My baby from falling

Title: Mr. Lonely

Sometimes I feel so...

Left out when my friends are busy

Having fun, sans me....

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