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Of Fury and Glory

I know that I'm an unsociable butterfly

But when my people are down

It's a pack-bond call to war

Protect them. Help them. Save them.

No one shall break this impenetrable defense

I will kill weakness and I will create Havoc

Chaos has no reign here anymore

They all become my kin, my litter

Should my children cry in secret

Asking the heavens for guidance

Should my children weep openly

Cursing the fates with bitterness

Should my children be wounded so deep

They can hardly move anymore

All can be assured of this one constant

I will scream and rage

Leaving not a single soul to escape

I will retaliate a thousand times over

Vengeance above ten-fold on those who are responsible

I will wage the bloodiest of Wars and more

To assure no more harm will ever befall my pack-bond

So be wary, those of you listening

Violence sang my praises before

They can and they will, once more

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