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Poker Face

I hate all of these useless emotions

That I can never seem to get away from

The way they get in the way

Of everyday things and activities

Hurts me repeatedly, continuously

So I do whatever I can

To get rid of them through writing

I write love stories because

I want to be loved

I write sad stories because

I want to be comforted

I write war stories because

I need someone to show me

They would fight for me

I write happy endings because

I never got one

I write pain into my characters because

They are all a part of me,

And we are all hurting still

I write with anger because

I have no outlet.

I write with longing because

I have nothing else

I keep writing and writing and writing

Because if I ever stopped....

I would be forced to face

All of these emotions

And to admit what they really mean

To admit how alone I feel in a crowded room

Or how sad I am when all I do is laugh

To admit that everytime I shine

It's because I want you to look past

What is dull and broken inside me

To admit how much it hurts

With each brush off, be it yours or mine

But now everything hurts

And I'm so exhausted

Tears just take a lot out of a person

I just want to sleep and not wake

Up for a few centuries, give or take

Everyone else can just buzz off for a little while

To let me mend. To let me heal.

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