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Inevitable Mistake

One of these days

I'm going to snap

But it won't sound like the rest

No, this one will be deformed

Echoing the brokenness that emanates

From a frozen heart and a blackened soul

No flurry of anxious energy

No storm of wounded pride

No puddle of depression

No river of wounded tears

No unheard, agonized cries for help

Not even the burning fury of anger

Just the hollow ringing of a deadly silence

That grows sicker with each passing second

Watching from an unfathomable distance

As one of the Forbidden Actions

Are committed without hesitation

Knowing full well what will happen

If I wasn't dead inside to begin with

Then each snip of my scissors

Completes that lowly task a thousand times again

Over a decade since my last breach of reason

Where a childish request was so foolishly granted

Consequences dealt out for the better part of 7 years

But should that snap reverberate in the air

I will once again take that cursed step

All of the hopes and dreams I have been protecting

In the lengths of my growing hair

Will be shorn away despite anything

And thrown away with everything else

The things I stand for will be cast aside

To mourn and then abandon one last time

Leaving me to become the pliable doll

Once again surrounded by the will of others

A vegetable of a person, puppet to anyone

Not even my Final String of Reason, able to prevent this chaos

It is said that worldly things matter not

So why should I bother myself with caring for them

If people are so unhappy with everything I stand for

Then it doesn't matter if I just destroy them first

An Empath feels more than they should

So let's cut the link right here, right now

This day will be one of an impossible beginning

Where books burn and locks are lost

When anime is blocked and music is regulated

Canvases shall be torn apart

Along with each word previously written

Erased from existence and never found again

What comes from these ashes?

There is nothing left of this person

The legend dissolved into the abyss

No traces left of the once great

Soul that used to refuse being silenced

Your Myth forever fading, never to re-emerge in this lifetime

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