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Cross The Line

Some of the members of my family

I only associate with to get to

The younger ones who have no choice

On their ability to stay in touch

Only to die inside because they're underage

All due to their guardians' choices

Made from paranoia, jealousy and spite

My grandparents each betrayed me

On all sides, one set at a time

One grandma tried to take me from my mother

One grandpa disowned me because he didn't get his way

My other grandparents decided that they

Didn't want to be a part of my life

Since I wasn't born the way they wanted

My aunt insulted my religion

And called me an evil spawn of Satan

Though her words were 'put nicely'

Two other aunts twisted my words to help the grandma

That sides' uncle at least stayed neutral

My other uncle constantly talks down to me

Derision coating words of males needing to control the house

Any 1st, 2nd or 3rd cousins I may have

Over the age of 18, whether far or near

Keep to themselves, ever the secretive

But honestly, I can't really blame them

I used to wonder why they always

Declined events, or kept things hush hush

Until this most recent falling out of mine

Realizing the fact I would never speak

To half of the people I currently do

Had they not been blood related

It feels like all of the MIA members

May have been on to something

That I am only now getting the hint

Glad to join them in their seclusion

I miss the older generation

The one that runs 9 strong and knew

How to put the Lovin' in family

The one that held a 'tough as nails' lady

That would scold you, but always had a shoulder to lean on

I miss the ones that kept their opinions full of knowledge

And simply lent a hand when you needed 3

I refuse to be treated like this still

Blood means little in the way of things

Others taught me just what it's supposed to feel like, to be like

Grandparents who never bothered to keep in touch?

My God Parents tell us everytime repeatedly

That we are the loves of their life

And they are so glad they met us when they did

Grandma wanted to steal me away?

I found another soul who did everything

She possibly could, to keep us together

Grandpa wants to be in charge 24/7?

Abuelo took us under his wing and comes when we need

Even providing a home for a rescued kitten

When allergies wouldn't let us keep it ourselves

I don't need some DNA test to show

The people who love me do so willingly

They do so unconditionally, no matter if we fight

Though it makes me sad to look back

To see what it took to show me that

Blood isn't here....

Because it never wanted to be

Despite them being hypocritical jerks

I have grandparents who dote on me

Aunts that are affectionate, understanding

Weird uncles that show up to parties

Friends that I never have to hide in fear

And the freedom to grow and realize my potential

With them behind me every Step of the way

So I stay for my favorite cousins

For my nephew I still have yet to meet

I am also here for the children under my wings

The adults who have no one else to love

Always here with a smile, a hug, laughter

For anyone seeking refuge and guidance

We can get lost together, they won't be alone anymore

I'm not throwing any shade, quite the contrary

If I wasn't your time, you aren't worth my words

And I thrive in the shadows of the moon

Taking part in God's teachings of helping others

My mentor, going strong since the age of 7

If you recognize yourself in my beginning words

You are no longer vital to my happiness

Continue to blind yourself with

Words of ignorance instead of love

Ones that should have stayed in your mouth

While you learn how to replace entitlement with reality

Here's a split cheer to the one who abandoned me

And to the ones who found and loved me

Stay bright, thank you for changing my life

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