Flash Poet

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Barcode 1291700020

Sometimes I feel like just a number

First born

Only second place

Family of nine

The only girl out of seven kids

Just another kid who can't afford tuition

Next resume to be considered and passed up

Too young to have any experience

Old enough that I should have a solid grasp on my life's career

No one cares to actually give me a fighting chance anywhere

Statistics don't lie

But what about the outliers?

My whole life is a testament that I am severely askew from your charts

First born makes me the queen-in-waiting

I will not tolerate slander from any second born or on down

Second place won't win me gold, but I have the next top spot and

Silver is more rare than gold, though few people know

Nine may be on the larger size for a family

But my six brothers and my dad will make sure boys treat me right

As the only girl, I get special perks too

I can be spoiled all I wanted and still more since I was their only little girl

I'm not ashamed to be counted among my generation when it comes

To tuition struggles, it makes me prouder paying it off on my own power

It gets me down when I'm blown off for a piece of paper

That's on them though, someone else will be astonished by my skills

Experience isn't measured by age, but by circumstance

And trust me, I'm well versed in the results of chances' favorites

Now is just not the moment to have things figured out

I want to take the time to explore the random stuff

Like explaining land sickness to a sailor's child in small words

I'm not another number even when it feels like it

Those statistics can't comprehend my potential

It's spelt out in letters and memories

To everyone else, my barcode reads liability

But to me, and those who have seen me in action

Actions render my words justified and an asset

So here I am, Number 1291700020

Reporting for a jaw dropping demonstration

Wonders will never cease to amaze, coming from me

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