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I once had a friend

That when I told to others

They immediately say

'Gurl you better marry him

That's a keeper if I ever saw one'

But that's not how this story begins

And that's not how this story ends

I met him in the fifth grade

Even though I was still so shy

He was the class clown type

And we became buddies quickly

Everyone loved to hang out with him

And he was always trying to make

Every person he could, to laugh

'Is he the type you would

Bring home to meet your mother?'

Well fancy that, it was the other way round

She helped out at my school every day

Better than any other PTSA mom did

And better yet, she was glad I had made a friend

One that was willing to seek me out of my shyness

But as the young ones we were

We didn't stay in touch after leaving

There were hugs and laughter on that day

My mom even took a picture of us

A memento of our friendship, our goodbye

We were too young to talk long distance

So I told my friend I'd miss him, and walked away

Made some new friends that didn't mind I was shy

One in particular had a light that shined so bright

She convinced me to stand on the stage with her

Not once, but twice, and even dance in the front

It was fun while it lasted, but once again they left

I still search for that girl to this very day...

Middle school came and went

High school had the surprise of my life

Because who else did I end up meeting

Than the guy that I befriended in fifth grade

We were once again in the same class

He was still the same, a face full of laughter

And I hadn't changed much either

Still a bunch of shyness and nerves

I must confess that I grew a little jealous

Of the table that drew his attention

He spent his time divided during lessons

Either with me, a quiet ambience of happiness

Or a group of 5 that was raucous with jokes and games

Keeping him as entertained as he kept them

I was sad, but happy that he was having fun

He introduced me to one of them later

And she joined our little atmosphere often

At first I was too shy and indeed a bit envious

But she grew on me, and we became friends too

After that happened, they saw no point

In sitting away from the group

Since they just grabbed me and pulled me along

That year was one of my happiest so far

Everyday I spent with the guy I thought

I would likely never see again

And our friendship was just as tight

No, even better than it originally was

He even helped me foster new relationships

So that when he was sick, I would never sit alone

It was kinda funny how he would only

Do his work when he was paired up with me

But I thought it was cute, just proof of my skill

I managed to get us completely done in record time

So that he could play around without being scolded

When I wasn't laughing alongside, I simply read

As a child I was often target for bullying

I was over weight, soft spoken and shy

An easy mark for someone who was angry

It even got to the point where a group of guys

Followed me around between classes and at lunch

Just to talk smack about me and egg each other on

I stood up for myself, but a girls' voice did nothing

I'm not sure if my friend ever really noticed

But he started walking me to my classes

He would come meet me at the classroom

And help me walk through the crowded corridor

His height making a noticable pathway

I never got smushed against the wall or floor

Whenever he escorted me to the next class

It was more time spent with my friend

Gradually able to feel safety by his side

The hate died down, but curiously enough

Coos and giggles arose in their stead

Couldn't quite make sense of what it was

Until they were relayed back to me by friends

Who had been passing by said occurrences

My school mates fancied us a couple

Everytime they saw us together

Whether that be us sharing food at lunch

Or him helping to carry my books just because

When we waited on each other after school

To walk to the bus lot before hugging goodbye

Or got paired for group assignments

A girl and a guy walking in the hall

Stopped us once, asking the big question

"Are you guys together? You look cute together"

We were both silent, just staring at them for a bit

To them we looked like a picture perfect movie in real life

The star quarter back and the nerdy girl

I'm pretty sure I blushed from the surprise of it

I had no idea how to answer that

Without sounding like I had a crush on him

It was best to leave it to him to explain

Getting it together first, he responded for us

"Nah, we've just been friends since grade school"

They made non-committal sounds, play pouting in disappointment

I had no idea how to say he was like a brother, so I left it be

He soon transferred schools, to one my cousins attended

I had planned on following him the next semester

Happy coincidence since that was my plan

Before he even told me he was going

What were the chances my bestie and I would stay together?!

But the new school year had other ideas for us

I was stuck at the first school, and he was drifting away

I officially lost him, towards the end of the year

When I grew too impatient with the way things stood

Circumstance had it that he was still unruly

The class clown, loved by everyone

But there was no 'me' there to help him focus on work

Too wrapped up in making them laugh that

He was beginning to forget about us, the ones left behind

Once upon a time, I had a crush on him

At least that's what I had thought it was

In reality, I was jealous that I was losing

My best friend, my big brother, to a girl

Who was too insecure and controlling for him

To have friends that were girls, my friend obliged for her

I was sad, but it was only temporary, right?

After that it was just the random thoughts

Of what we used to be, when we hung out

And my unhappiness with how things ended

I didn't even see that what I was going to do

Would be the final rift that threw us off sync

Like a child I believed that confessing would make him mine

That he would choose me because we were so close before

The response was simultaneous

His girlfriend was 'right' and he cut ties with me

Not sure what I expected to happen

It wasn't like he was magically going to transfer back

We would still have been unable to meet

I guess I was just banking on the attention

He would direct my way, so we could chat again

Wishful thinking though, he was taken and I knew it

That was my fault, for rushing things

Burning our bridge due to my impatience

So deciding to try giving him space

I graduated alone, waiting for him to move first

They say to let something go and see if it returns

No need to worry, if it didn't, it was never yours to begin with

It hurts, to know that he really never did

I reached out here and there over the years

Those stupid pass it on games, random pokes

Most of the time he didn't see them, nor respond

But sometimes he would wave back...

The pain of loosing my amigo, my hermano

Rose in intensity the longer this went on

My hopes crushed everytime I read our conversation history

I was distraught so one-sidedly, he wasn't even there often

Sending him one last message, I waited weeks for his reply

Leaving me on read, for my out of the blue goodbye

Was the last blow I could take and keep me together

He had nothing to say when I told him I missed our friendship

Or that I was waiting for him to accept me again

And ignored my meager hopes to meet when we both became famous

I knew he was set on becoming a football player

That it was his dream, and that it was reachable

I always admired the fact that someone else around me

Had a goal and worked towards their dream too

Now no longer a constant thought, but it still is a goal of mine

Hope you're doing well, and I still plan

To meet you in the future, Skyscraper my lost friend

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