Flash Poet

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A Mood

Why doesn't family just understand

That I need time to myself, time alone

From the incessant noise, constant activities

Yeah they're supportive enough I guess

But sometimes they are the ones I need a break from

Like, I see you everyday, just chill out to

Today I don't wanna see anybody

And yes knocking on my door asking me questions

Or telling me the things I should do while I'm in here

Also count as 'seeing' you, it's disruptive to my quiet

What is so important that you have to tell me right now?

Seriously. It can wait or my timer resets for longer

You can wait, I honestly don't care right now

Sigh, I just wanna chillax and legit just breathe

Yeah yeah, this was just peachy

I sooo cannot wait to see you again

Ta ta now loves, miss you later~ *much later*

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