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They say the greatest inspiration

Is pain, suffering, misery

That the broken and lost can describe

What haunts them better than a happy memory

But who amongst us can actually claim

They are free from such emotions

When recalling what makes me happy

It's usually the little things that make no sense

Something about stomach butterflies

And a warm fuzzy feeling all around

Usually takes a little bit of time

To fully remember enough to share

I don't have the same trouble with a bad one though

If anything, its putting them back afterwards

That really takes some trying to accomplish

When things cut us deeply, they tend

To really stick with you despite best efforts

Nobody really wanting to tell anyone else

A lot of people suffer in silence

Unable or unwilling to break it down

For some stranger, or someone they don't want involved

We feel impure about our problems

Refusing to taint others that could do without

Yet another reminder that we are imperfect

Instead we leak it into our words and actions

That's why pictures can be worth a thousand words

And why a story's impression can't be explained

Neither are able to accurately translate the depth

Without loosing their true meanings in transition

Holding too many nuances of communication

It's not like we enjoy retelling the same sob stories

Or painting the same wounds in different ways

We sympathize, empathize, and relate all too well

Triggers lay behind corners and turns

Waiting to hitch our breaths as we are forced

To recall, re-live, tackle head on, and re-hide things again

Tell me this, when someone tells you

What makes them glow on the inside

Do you get just as high from their joy?

Or does it just seem muted, not really yours?

Happiness is solely for each person

Despite how contagious it can be

Melancholy doesn't work that way

If one of us is sad, then all of us get worried

Being the social creatures that we are

We crave reassurance and comfort

We crave the ability to help heal and fix the problem

Because if it hurts one, it hurts us all

The greatest motivation is indeed

Pain, suffering, and misery

We have all been broken and lost

Haunted by them more than the happy times

Laying claim to a wasteland of emotions we want

To help erase, by first telling them we understand all too well

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