Flash Poet

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Reality's Fascination

Indulge this fascination

with my imaginations’ next insane creation

dealt with the preparation

Like a train coming into the station

I have fictional infatuation

Wolves, Vampires, Zombies- ’s my craving

Yeah beyond being just crazy

Against reality’s grip, you see I’m straining

Just look at the picture that’s been painted

Look at my side instead of hatin’

Zombies were humans that had died

and then came back again

Moderate attack, but can’t defend

Vampires with fangs all bloody

From sucking the blood out your body

A wimp in the sun, but at night quite a fiend

Wolves have mystical strength

With a regal air and beautiful features

Careful though, when mixed with men, beware the ‘Werewolf’ creatures

This is only parts of the descriptions

I dug up from deep within

Even if you think it’s a hoax or a ruse

When the time comes, Don’t say I never warned you

Go ahead and prepare, since it’s an eventuality

My cravings will soon appear fiction turned reality

Hope you payed attention and were taking notes

Because I’m leaving you with this, and waiting with all of my hopes

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