Flash Poet

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Lake Life

Sun burns and burn relief

Shells as smooth as glass

The lake at night and when it's bright

Endless calm or rough and choppy

Spider webs and deer trails

Broken sticks and fallen oak nuts

The crunch of gravel under my feet

Pollen making allergies start acting up

Skinny dipping, kayaking

Riding on the pontoon

A constant breeze & warm rays of sunshine

Racing the PWC leisurely

Soaking in the relaxing shade

Days pass simply doing nothing

Recharging, no longer worn down

Exploring my remaining inner peace

Unplugged just because I can

All my worries seemingly muted

Time spent finding myself again

Everything suddenly became optional

Lazily socializing with the family

Everyone chill and tempers sleeping

Body no longer taunt with tension

Finally catching up on missed sleep, down at the Lake

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