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My element is a fiery one

But not even its adored

Are above the flame

Other affinities can't comprehend

Why we accept it as a whole

Even seconds after being burned

We understand our precious beloved

And accept the full meaning

Of being its caretaker, its desired

One has to be just as keen for it

To crave the dance of destructive rebirth

From from the core of your being just the same

The closest to us, as surprising as it seems

Would be the ever gentle water element

It remains as a whimsical current

Carving its' legacy through the earth

Both are manageable when contained

But can wreak havoc in their true strengths

Stone provides a warning to the damp

As air cries out the alarm for the ashen

Though a sizeable difference still lingers

Between the unsuspected, subtle allies

They who bear the searing scorch marks

Will inevitably return to be melded in the infernos

Fear rises in those who are not worthy

To champion such an alienable master

Water will leave you soaked in hard lessons learned

Where as, it's too late to avoid your consequences

That stems from the heats' imperious ire

It will eat you alive until nothing remains

Those who have been chosen by & accepted fire

Are forged into a greater existence

By the trials of unwavering, strict love

Learning to endure, accept, the blazing wreaths upon their brow

The strongest can bend flames to their will

But the best walk alongside it in harmonious discord

Even a raging flame can have a softer side though

Reserved for those moments of camaraderie

A warm soft glow, lighting the path with a flicker

A steady bonfire to take shelter around, toasty

A reliable form of protection, from anything wishing us harm

Our fire provides for us little pyros, and we burn brighter for it

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