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Full of Love

I just love my godparents to pieces!

Smothering us with hugs and kisses

They are always so excited to see us

In their eagerness to get ready for our arrival

Trips to the store tend to get a bit comical

Groceries, snacks, juice and pop now in abundance

Because they pull out all the stops for every meal

Family movies running late into the night

Rising long after the sky turns bright

Bike rides, ball court and afternoons by the poolside

Playing with Izzy, such an energetic fluffball

Till both the pup and you tire out from the fun

Old time board games or competing on the Wii

There's never a dull or lonely moment

More of an indoorsy type, there's always options

Watching Noni's dramas and shows

Baking cookies or decorating a cake

Catching up on family gossip and workplace issues

Need to vent, get advice, let something off your chest?

Just lounge around and let them spoil you

Papa M and Noni C are here whatever you need

Geez, even if I need some space, some time alone

I have my own little corners all over the house

At any given time they come across me

In the dark hallway, under the sink, behind the couch

But they just chuckle and bring me a drink or a pillow

Before leaving me be until I was ready to come out

And when I return I'm not badgered about 'why'

Sometimes, no, often times I feel as if I struck gold

They give so much more than can ever be repaid

Shower us with affection, attention, support

Filling in the gaps of a working parent household

Alternating doctor visits and nursing sick days

Showing up for every school performance and ceremony

Papa M and Noni C are just always, always... So full of Love

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