Flash Poet

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I know it's selfish of me, but I enjoy the company

Of my growing group of admirers

Like a misty wall of will-o-the wisps

Hiding behind their Legends of Lore

Assisting lost travelers on their way

Playing pranks on the depraved

Just follow my words, listen to my voice

Enchanted have you, this Myth of the void

Stay here in the shadows of whispers

Latching on to passing murmurs of mine

Mesmerized, million sparkles in your eyes

Day dreams dancing around your head

Tiny wayward souls, giant teddy bears

These strings weaved still faster yet

As the picture is painted to omnipresent

Sparks of joy striking chords within

Marking hearts along the path of appearances

Just stay dazed and starry eyed for your Myth

Let me continue in your favorites' fancy

Continuing to revel in my worlds from words

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