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By The Letter

I can feel a faint warmth

Nestled between my desolate pages

From the tree that used to be alive once

Just the lingering affections returned

Admiring the passerby by eagerly as I wait

This is nice, I have plenty of room here

It's just a tad bit lonely and empty feeling

Kinda feels like I could run forever

Without finding another thing out here

Time to spruce this up then, yeah?

Starting from the left, we have any topic

You could ever wish to know about me

Followed by my greetings to each visitor

Let's get to know each other slowly

As we walk down this extended corridor

I'll tell you what I can and show you what I can't

And you can respond with how it makes you feel

This blind meeting will let us both see

Exactly how we are going to part later on

Will it be friends, acquaintances?

Or will you walk away immediately

Just to run back and read me again?

My words stay the same, but each visit

Brings with it a new understanding

Little nuggets that went unseen the first time

Getting closer, bonding with my intramural

You leave me with little parts of yourself

I don't mind the tiny water warps left from tears

Or the near indiscernable indentations from bookmarks

Because they are tokens of your love

I watch in awe, as you dedicate your time to me

Raging, getting excited, being teary eyed

All these emotions you spend on me

But my favorite one of all is nearing the end

When I run out of things to say and you linger

There was so much to tell you

So much to show as we approached

That 'forever' that arrived before I knew it

It's ok, go ahead, close the book

I'll just sleep, so I can tell you all about me again next time

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