Flash Poet

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Call me reminiscent

But I keep recalling

The time spent with my first love

We met through a mutual interest

In an up-and-coming game

Starting from a banquet visit with gold

Shouting out his name in world chat

I was the one who tracked him down first

Demanding we become friends X"D

The courting was so sweet

It was both nerdy yet still had

Smooth lines to knock me off my feet

I'll admit I went down willingly

After about a week of this

And when he confessed, I said yes

We spent time messing around

Getting to know each other

Chatting whenever we got the chance

His texts were the first things I woke up to

And the last ones I saw before going to sleep

Often finding random times in-between

Waiting to clock on at work or

While waiting for my ride

Our chats got longer and were still as sweet

It's a bit embarrassing to say

And I haven't really told anyone else yet

But I went on an imaginary date with him

The fair was in town for a week

So I got a day pass for the rides

We were long distance, so it would be 'our first date'

After a few dizzying rides

He would have eagerly pulled me over

To a game booth and promised to win me something

Well I'm pretty decent with darts so I paid to play

It was harder than I thought, popping balloons

Though I earned a purple unicorn plushie

My favorite ride was this one that

Went in a circle so fast faces began to blur

Free from prying eyes just made it even sweeter

I laughed myself hoarse, thoroughly enjoying it

Because in my mind's eye he was also there

Bracing against the speed, his voice raised like mine

We must have ridden that one a dozen times

Dizzy and wobbling like crazy when we got off

Our eyes would be similarly lit up in excitement

Meandering around the fair

I took in the brilliance of the night

Ice cream in hand, imagining my hand in his

The ferris wheel was next

Watching the stars in quiet contentment

The perfect ending, to the perfect night

It wasn't hard to imagine the ghost of lips

Pressed into my temple before being gently sent off

With my cheeks heated in a bashful blush

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