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Three Little Letters

Has anyone ever noticed that it's

The little things that scream for the most attention?

A small 'hey' void of caps and punctuation

No follow up, no background, just that one word

So small it could be overlooked entirely

But look for the signs, the lack of them

Three little letters to hide the storm of thoughts

Nondescript and uniform to hide the disarray

So common that if you didn't care...

The silence would tell them all they needed to hear

It raises no flags, triggers no warnings

Just a simple greeting from a friend

Or a last send off, letting you know that

In those final moments, you were worth contact

Worth the chance to talk them down

I know for one, that whenever I'm in pain

I use these three little letters myself

There's so much hurt

That I fear it will leak out without meaning to

I'd rather just touch and go, without burdening another

When I don't really know what I want to say

When I probably just want to break down and cry

While I hear them talking about everything and nothing

Because I want to be connected with them the most out of everyone else right now

But I still don't want to bombard them right off the bat

Anyone who knows me, would agree

That I bottle things inside and keep my distance

But it's the people that know that ask me

The same 'are you ok' every time they see the three little letters

Because that's the code letting me know I can finally let go

The last thing I want to do is seem selfish

When I'm so torn up on the inside to begin with

I don't want to take more than they can give

Buy what happens when everything I give of myself

Can only be summed up with three little letters?

When I'm so low that I worry a misstep

Will damage me far beyond what I can no longer repair

So tired of 'sending signals' or checking my vibe

I need help, I need to cry it out, I need a hug

So please, the next time you see three little letters

Don't ignore them, someone needs you too

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