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Predator And Prey: A Two-Part Harmony

~You know you made a mistake when I put up the chase

What’s with these emotions you’re eliciting?~

~When I get up in your face, if you’re sweet enough to eat

Please let me be your victim~

~Staring with your neck till there’s no blood left

Hurry, I’m nearly crazed with the waiting~

~Best believe, it’s best you leave

What’s with this sensation?~

~Ah, must have been a miscalculation

Maybe I don’t want to be saved~

~I’ll send you crying to your mommy

You’re not the scariest fiend~

~But enough to make you cringe

I won’t mind I promise~

~Even if I’m aggressive you’ll still be mine?

Always because I’ve already captured you~

~But I set the trap, you couldn’t run even if you tried

And whose feelings are trying to hide?~

~Careful, I bite

Then, I want to fight~

~I nearly forgot the thrill

Can I carry out my intent?~

~It was the perfect time to find you

While roaming through all the spaces of time~

~I guess we’re both the predator

And each others’ prey~

~I claim you, you’re mine!

Even after we die~

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