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Little Girl

A little girl as shy as me
Asked me to paint a butterfly on her cheek
The sole request was that
The wings must be pink!

She fidgeted and she squirmed
Sitting still but moving a bit
Excited and nervous for this first time
The honor was all mine

A small fracture of eternity
Etched both upon her small person
As well as in the excitement
Of her young soul

An intermission then proceeded
Where she danced around in joy
Delight radiating from her smile
Requesting others to admire it with her

After a few gentle nudges
She was again seated in front of me
This time, with more confidence
And another wish

Her hand felt lonely
Lacking that of a friend
Would I be so kind
To lighten it with a rainbow?

This child of smiles
I would not, even if I could, deny
Her wish was my command
So I started to paint her rainy hand

Red, orange and yellow
Green, Blue and Purple
With silvery white clouds
And a shimmering twinkle all across

I dare say she would
Wear it all night and the next day
Begging her mother to let them stay
Just a little longer...

I must admit, after that
My whole person felt complete
Bidding the child goodbye
We separated, both with bright eyes
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