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Bared & Bitten

No I do not want to share my emotions
I don't wanna talk right now at all
They aren't the type to shoot off
They're silent and poisonous to the mind

I'm quiet not because of my
Willingness to open up
But my response to these events
Aren't the same as yours

Does the temperature outside
Scream and wail when it gets hotter?
No, it exerts force and silently oppresses
Felling the faint of heart in one swoop

There's no telling what these things
Can do… Will do… if pressed further
My tolerance threshold has nothing to do
With the strings ahold of my temper

I can simmer in rage, broil with anger
Steep in melancholic suffering
Wallow from despair, scream silently to the void
Chafe against the madness willing to consume

Because in order to nurse these
Festering nuances of bitterness
They must be contained and restrained
Grasping every thread of its existence

Having one hand upon my reins
Another cupping the responsible in my palm
Only then, will I enact my emotions
Release the volatile and soothe my wounds

Justice is skewed, revenge limited
But Karma is cosmic and ageless
While taking an eye for an eye is desirable
Why make the Retribution's list longer?

My teeth are bared because I've been bitten
But I'm no thoughtless fool to call down
Someone's 'justified' wrath and end up
Injured or forever more to slumber

Time pays back all debts in full
I can smell the lead of a Hunter's bullet
From just beyond the treeline
My howl will be the last one heard to the moon
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