Flash Poet

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I'm sorry little Aadi, that I couldn't save you
To take you with me and give you shelter

I'm sorry little Corbon and little Donator, my loves
That I never got to meet you here on earth

I'm sorry little Cam, that I couldn't stay with you
Now you're just another dear picture in my phone

I'm sorry little Miya, that our bond was broken
Now just another memory after you moved

I'm sorry little Melo, that my influence held no sway
And you were raised by the streets' ways

I'm sorry little Stevie, that you lost us after losing her
Wish we could have been there for you longer

I'm sorry little Jade, that you had to be past around
Wish we could have taken you in permanently

I'm sorry little Cameo, that she refused to let you go
That you have still more to struggle with till you're through

I'm sorry little Caine, that we were your only source of love
If only we could have lent a hand in time

I'm sorry little Hanniel, that her mind was set and clouded
I would have volunteered to get you in a heartbeat

I'm sorry little Jose, that our protection is only worth so much
But we're all glad you're almost out of the woods

Most of all, I'm sorry little Ash, you were spirited away
We will fight everyday or get you back, Healthy Happy and Safe

Please I pray, force these bitter apologies nevermore
Give me everything I need to take those actions of help instead
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