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Hear a prayer
See a struggle
Can't speak up
Don't intrude on it
My path, your life
This isn't a crossroads
The best answer
Only real advice
You speak yourself
Teach it to everyone else
Your call, don't fall
We both know it well
Past verbal
Actions spoken
Last stretch
Crunch time
Dust to Dust
Be reborn again
They don't call it
Faith just because
We can see the ledge
The last 99 attempts
But don't waver
Refute Lucifer's wager
Hope lost is
Faith trusted
I pay to love
By pain to blood
Doubting myself
Aren't my thoughts
Amusing really
The spies I find
Sweep them away
Wipe the dirt off them
Single string
God mote it be
Got a soulmate
Fate in future
This meat suit
Only on earth
Body armour
The soul is blessed
Don't lose it to
Anyone else
Including yourself
Get straight
Tough love
Still affection
No compass knows
The right directions
Magnetic field
Moral objections
No need to lead
Rocks crumble
Free to be or
Be to get freed
Time out
Take a nap
Silent support
You were never
Found because you
Were actually founded
Never left, always kept
Speak it out
Make them real
Your demons
Now slay them
Wear them proud
Your spoils of war
Scream them loud
Mourn and get a move on
There's someone waiting
At the golden gate
To welcome home
And celebrate
A warrior daughter
A warrior son
A child that always was, in his eyes
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