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Double Sided

Seeing other writers,
Getting a glimpse of
Their writing styles,
Being able to tap
Into their images...
Just a hint of their character
Goes a long way, so

Which do you want to see
Which side of me?

The one where I talk in
Riddles and prose?
Which side is up
Seems like whatever goes
Pick it clean countlessly
But still never really
Makes any sense to the masses?

Those are actually for a
Singular audience, yet shared aloud

Or perhaps you wish to see
Those of mine from which
A nimble tongue is required?
Whence some perchance of whim
Fancied me a stroll of the pen
Olden variances lend me credit
To voice a timeless piece of words

My Dragon Tamer would be
Ever so proud of this side

Did you want to see an echo?
A hollow ringing of your own
One that cries and rages
Anxiety and despair that
Hurts through the ages?
Because you want to emulate
Relate without the ties of chains

That's ok, as my wisps, I will accept
Let my words hurt you so you can heal

There are still the ones that
Sparkle with happiness and bubble over
Full of giggles and a blush of color
Some can rhyme, while others don't
Short and sweet, long and lasting
Even ones that were created
For the ones who came a' calling

I'm more than happy to give a tickle
Making you screech with laughter

I'm a Myth of Lore and Legends
My words are more than a
Message, a shield, or a weapon
Full of mystery, yet so grueling
My words are filled with many
In the end they all try to balance
The many different sides of me
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