Flash Poet

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I am incredibly spoiled
Sometimes I have to remind myself
That not everyone can enjoy
The things I can enjoy

Whether that be the occasional
Trips across state lines
To visit family and friends
Or the school trips that were sponsored

The infrequent binge buying of
Books, clothes, accessories and trinkets
That vacation time I get to enjoy
Even if they are smaller than 'average'

All of the Chinese take outs, spring rolls
Burger King whoppers, Taco Bell tacos
Chick-fil-a milkshakes, and Arby's gyros...
I get seemingly at random during the month

But even more so than those wants
I have my own room, my own bed
I am protected by loved ones
And my environment is safe to live in

Sometimes when I realize that I am too greedy
I step back and see that I don't need it
Trying to catch myself from being cocky
When I should be humbled that I have what I do

Just a small reminder from Habe-san
To repay those whom I received, because
Gabe-san will be right there beside me
As I remember these things and
Give back, by paying it forward to others
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