Flash Poet

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I be vibin' when I'm hidin' man
Flyin' high like hype beast yeah
Ain't nobody 'round to hear me sing
Just be rappin' like a fuckin' king

Why should I respect the expected dis
From someone who can't own up to it
Can't be alone and actually hold up to it
Cuz we both know imma square up to it

Can't sell my soul, if I can't find it
Can't give up my heart, if I never had it
Can't regret or distress without feelings
Can't forget it if I never known it, so what

Go ahead and try to burn a flame
Make me rise up with resulting fame
But forget that, you can't even carry me
Can't you even see this gap of disparity

Hate my voice, love my rhymes
Through my head, a hundred times
Just a phase, but lastin' decades
So tell me now, which one is the end game?

Oh that's right, it would be your time
Sublime, but you can't breach what's mine
Slap you down with your old ass reversi
Dime-a-dozen, failing to advance the line

Weakness, just try to come and beat this
Yeah you be wishin' mighty hard
Not even hard to throw you crossways
Friggen out-crossin' you would be a blessin'

One taste of the next page, go ahead
Exit stage, end of script, you were slayed
Seen it comin' miles away
And you thought I was the one who would be played
Nah bitch I'm lead of this mother fucking play
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