Flash Poet

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My Quilt

I'm so hot
Very terribly hot
Its sweltering
But I refuse to sleep without a cover

Can't sleep without a cover

I feel bare, exposed
It goes to show
The difference a piece of fabric makes

Too much as it is

The weight
Comfortable but light
Wrapped up snug
The only way I slip down into dreams

Otherwise I don't sink without a fight

Roused easy
Tossing and turning
Checking the time
Barely an hour goes by before I'm antsy

Getting up to roam, coming back to my spot

Gotta resituate
Fluff the pillows again
Squirm all around
My thoughts incessantly running onwards

Unable to get comfortable without it

Was that a chill
Or just goosebumps
Missing that warmth
The one that settles all my nerves at once

Gotta get my cover back, or stay awake until the sky returns from black
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