Flash Poet

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If you catch her swaying in the breeze
Swaddling a phantom memory
Don't interrupt, don't disturb
Because you never know if that's all she has
If that's all that's left of her absent child

People see young women rocking back and forth
They smile knowingly and idly comment
"First time?" To which the lady blushes
A shy nod and genuine smile to answer
Perhaps even sharing stories amongst themselves

But there are also the ones that are hollow
The ones who had them in their grasp
Who loved their hearts out, just to suffer
Not even noticing when their bodies move
And being devastated when they realize

Miscarriages and stillborn babes
Deadly illnesses and human traffickers
An accident, an intruder, a suicidal act
Social workers, abusive spouses, addiction
An adoption that goes through, or falls flat

A mother's worst fear and even harder reality
Is having to lose a child, no matter how it happens
That moment is hers alone, don't assume it automatically lasts
Sometimes happiness scars just as badly as sadness
To share is up to her, because it hurts when it's gone

So next time just acknowledge that lady
The one who unconsciously moves
Don't call out to her, or say anything
Wait for her to come out of her daze first
Allow her time to process before engaging

Instead of judging her happiness based on what you see
Just admit to your soul, in your heart
That if she grieves, it will not be alone
Because a stranger saw, and a stranger cares
That those 'happy thoughts' could also be heavy tears
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