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A Prayer

Jesus Christ, son of God
I invoke your name with every word I pray
Let this be a message to all
And the witnesses, let them befall
Your Holy, saving grace

In this time of grief and fear
Let them be reminded you're always near
Tonight I pray for all the mommas
The ones raising fiery daughters
Lord you of all people would know

How carefully and deliberately we must be led
You created us with a fierce, fierce passion
That should never be extinguished or restrained
I for one, have struggled with my drive
Confusion and pride swirling with it's awakening

Our determination was never meant
As defiance or a disobedient heart
But a strong willed passion you instilled
To reignite stalled movements
To rekindle lost and dying hope

Lord guide these mommas as they lead us
Lend them wisdom and patience
Grant them tenderness and compassion
The world needs girls like us, heart's filled
With your fire more than ever before

I'm so thankful you knew these mommas
Were made for the challenge
Help them fully rest tonight
Please, I humbly request
In Jesus' name, thank you and Amen
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