Flash Poet

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Unleash my demons
He sets them free, man
The very ones that are
All hot and bothered
Bitter but ready to go

I'm slow to pick up the pace
But he drops the bass
Then my anxiety quietens
My nerves settle like a score
Speaking to me, for me

Even better than coming home
Feels like I'm finally listening
To what was already playing
There's no doubt he belongs here
Or that I belonged right there

Respect your space and privacy
Hope we never meet
Rather not put a face to the voice
Unless you come to me
Cuz to be honest I'd probably turn & run

Corpse OG, but don't screw anonymity
Always gonna be bad ones, believe me
But I'm sittin' here chillin' happily
Along for the ride and that's fine
He's his own person, the MVP

Belong to no one, but to haters
You're protected by the word 'Mine'
Rep from the shadows, for the faceless
Channel and vibes content all tight
So do you, for you, and we'll call it even

Cuz for someone out there in the world
Right now, you're the one they believe in
Only one who could bridge that gap
Finding themselves on the other side
Of the wall, stood tall, guarding their hearts

He didn't ask, but instead received
No return to sender, so leave it be
Use it or not, the destination itself
Was the only repayment needed
So why waste what could be used later

I don't usually like to be up here like this
Fangirling like a bro, contradicting
So imma say this piece and leave
Content to remain back there
At piece with this sick vibe check
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