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Sinister Intentions

I’ll see you in the final round

Right now you’re bound

You won’t become a shish-kabob here

Because when I left home I forgot my spear

It’s still a little too early to celebrate, I brought a few mementos

After all there are knives, swords, arrows and my bow

What, do you think all of this is ornamental?

Sorry to disappoint, but they are for more than just a show

Uh-Oh there it is, Desperation
Full of reckless fear

Both taxing and just a gamble, That’s never good

This pitiful course of action will lead to nothing but regret

The pain, of course, will be ever present as well

First there was you, then the two of us

But just open this door and there will be four

Follow me down these stairs and there will be more…

‘Is this a threat?’ You must be kidding

This isn’t even a warning, it’s a promise

One I intend to keep

Wave if you are alive, scream if you are dead

But don’t die without telling me

This discussion bores me so let’s end it here

You misinterpreted me my dear.

I wasn’t asking, I was telling; are we clear?

It’s time for you to relinquish your hold on life…

Now watch as you cease to exist!

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