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Proud of It!

Don't do drugs!
Said the addict in the parking lot
I won't!
I respond from a safe distance

Cigarettes KILL
Says the neighborhood chain smoker
It's too expensive
I replied back, not even tempted

Alcohol ruins your liver…
The alky winks, grabbing another
The responsible me decides to wait
Remembering AAA meetings exist

Coffee stunts growth.
The teenage Diva said between sips
Cradling my hot cocoa
I'm kinda glad my body won't keep it down

Despite it being illegal
Shady people often propositioned
Passerby in shopping districts
And walking on the street

Not to mention the
Second hand smoke
One receives from family
Conditioned to it at home too

It's not an uncommon sight to see
Underaged kids try to taste adult drinks
Even Europe combats the 'forbidden mystery'
Allowing safe sipping at home with supervision

At Nanna's house, the grandkids
Often drank their own mugs of coffee
Concerns waved off, saying
It was a trick to stay uncaffeinated

Always that one house on every street
That houses a dealer, joined by their peeps
Hang around too long, or when their sales are down
They'll jokingly offer to sell you a gram, discreet

Classmates tried to get me on that Juul
Thought about it, but it still held no sway
I'd rather stick to transparent puffs
The ones barely seen at night, in cold times

Certain people tried to make me taste
Forcing a glass in my hands to drink
Sticking straws half filled past my lips
But I'm glad to say it never got through

My immune system, digestive tract and taste buds
All agreed to join my boycott brainwave
Smell it and I'll gag, taste it and I'll hurl
Ain't no craving spent on none of these

My carnivore preferred juicy red meats to cigs
My sweet tooth preferred cocoa over coffee and teas
My brain preferred new books over drugs
My childish side preferred milkshakes over mixed drinks

Classy or trashy I don't really care
Morally, politically, or socially beats me
That's too much going on just to be
So I do me and simply call it fair

Vowed out loud, but it was forgotten
Solemnly swore, and was written off
Made that decision before I was 7
And made good on my word, call it credit

Once I turned of age, I took my first drink
Slowly been developing my style of taste
Quite keen on Vodka, the triple shots
Others surprised my revulsion was actually commitment

Guess what though, I made it!
Made a promise and saw it through
Buzzing on an achievement high
Because fuck yeah, I'm proud of it!
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