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Not By Me

Why can't I? Why won't you let me be
I've been slaying since even before I was 16
Is it because I wanna stay
That everything had to change?
Stagnation, death of creation, yeah I get it
But why am I always forced out
Left with no other options than to leave now

You forged my signature, made my choice
Burned my bridges and evaporated my alternatives
Gave me the short end of the stick
Yet still had the gall to cut it further
Let me in just to kick me back out
False hope and false promises encircle your propriety
Egging things, leading me on, to abandon me

As if that wasn't enough, you had to go
Scale things up, forcing others unnecessarily
Now 6 titantics' worth of casualties
Are all sent packing, on short notice
Corporates' message to all of the
Sprouts of individuality marked rebellion
Wiped out like the small brush fires they represented

All I wanted was a home where I could grow
Since I'm the type to plant my roots deep
Building up others' business and contriving
The skills needed for my future of choice
Everyone is so quick to hire and fire systematically
What happened to letting results prove our worth?
I excel when the stakes are high, when time is short

I'm worth my salt and I'd rather grind a grit
A thousand times before just up and quitting
The biggest obstacle is being allowed a single chance
Sure you sign me up for the trial run but
Then also decided to unsubscribe before you
Could fully appreciate the perks of my clutch time
Now I have to wait until I'm granted access to showcase my grand slam

Just remember that on the day I left
It was decided so by you, NOT by me
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