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Day of White

May spring showers bless your union
And summer rays shine down on your happiness
May fall find you entranced in your love all the more
And winter keep you settled in your embrace
So when spring rolls back around, you can do it all again

May your second year hold the firsts
The first blow up, first come back, first milestone
May your third year contain proof of your married life
A lived in house, a happy spouse, with everything right in the world
So that your bonds will hold, lasting till you grow old

May your fourth year be spent as a unified front
Fighting together instead of each other
May your fifth year remind you of the sweeter things
You made it to 5, halfway to 10, and it shows
There are many more to reach before the end

May your faith lead you where you stall
And your spouse help you up when you fall
May your union hold fast in the face of adversity
And shielding each other, yet ready to withstand it
Fore marriage is a promise, to have and to hold, forever more
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