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Dedications, Thanks & Aspirations

Hello my Inkitt Wisps! Sorry to catch you by surprise, this is obviously not a poem (just me). Not sure if I've said it before, but this is actually my second platform showcasing my work. I started off using Wattpad a few years ago, and that's where all of my newest stuff comes out first!

That being said, Wattpad has a chapter limit of 200 per book. For each platform I try to do fun things in the book and all, so Flash Poet has reached the 200 mark faster than here on Inkitt (still acclimating to the readers here).

As this will be the end of this first poetry collection, there are a few names I'd like to shout out, a few names I'd like to thank; and a few dedications, aspirations, all that jazz. (I may update the list to add any names that I may have missed should I find them. Sorry in advance if I miss your name!)

@Ackermans_love_420 inspired me somehow, but it's impacted me so much that I couldn't tell you exactly what it was, other than it's in me now lol (WP)

@insectgirl22 was my small pat on the back when I doubted anyone read my poems or even liked them. To someone still rising in the literary worlds' shadows, that's such a huge pick me up, they have no idea. (WP)

I'd like to thank @Sans_beyond for creating the story cover for Flash Poet, it really was a pleasure to use your art! I hope we have a chance to collaborate again soon~! (WP)

@RebeccaRuby was my glimpse of fulfillment for my stories' futures. Allowing me to see it in real time with my own eyes, when she shared Flash Poet's cover. Simply being able to feel my words reach people all over the world is something I've striving for and now it's one step closer thanks to her :") (IK)

@Sugar_Daddy_Rowan was always waiting for me to come back to earth whenever I got in a writing frenzy. He had tons of memes to make me laugh lol (CME)

@Dragon_Tamer_of_Lost_Souls Is my twin, we are forever syncing up, no matter if it's procrastinating a story or finishing a chapter at the same time X"D (DISC)

@PumpkinCreams and @MiaCrown kept me company in the comments with thoughts and feedback, as well as interacting on my wall. ♡ It's always nice to know that readers are still around. (IK)

Also a huge thanks to all of my followers that have stuck around through Flash Poet's updates so far!! I adore you guys so much, my beloved Wisps! Thank you for your continued love and support, look forward to the next update :D (WP, IK, WN)

Currently I am unsure if I want to make a Part II for Flash Poet and continue there immediately, or if I want to focus on other places first. Eventually there will be a continuation, however my poems are just as much for you guys as they are for me~ Hopefully next time around I can give you guys the stability you d e's serve in my updating schedule!!

In other news, I am planning a short story compilation book titled "Minute Mementos"; as well as longer novels. Short stories are hard for me to write and longer ones take time, so please bear with me while I weave my words to share with everyone~ `(°·°)´

If you feel like supporting these same poems on my other platforms, please feel free to do so! I am on Wattpad, Inkitt, WebNovel, and soon to be expanding to 2 others!

My tag is Myth_Lore_Legend/Myth-Lore-Legend, and I hope to see you on social media one day <3 (I am still struggling with that part, since I'm too shy to interact with people often… I'll let you know when those are operational~!). Thank you for reading this far and I hope to see you in the next update! See you soon my loves!

~Your Myth~
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