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How Many Stars

How many stars can you see that are wished upon

How many stars have caught your eye

When they streak across the sky

How many stars shine bright, or burn when they fly

How many stars have you seen

Dancing around in a moonbeam

But how many stars have passed you by

So many times with no goodbye

Every fallen star has found a love from whom they won’t depart

I am the only star who wants to keep your heart

How many stars will take their leave

Not even caring if you weep

How many stars will keep you by their side

Just to make sure you don’t fall from the sky

Everyone you try, it’s the same situation repeat

My light grows weak when you walk away from me

But don’t worry, I’ll always be here for all time

Just promise you’ll try to see when the stars arise

Will your heart beat in surprise

When you see you’ve caught my eye

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