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Zypher's Promise

(Excerpt from a book series in the making!)

Beware the stakes, when you choose a path to take

You’ll have to say goodbye, as you go from your old to new life

It’s their decision, and for them I must not choose

Because if I save you, there are a few rules

An eye for an eye, a life for a life

If I save you, you become mine

So tell me little one, who shines brighter than the stars and sun

The time to decide is now, what would you have done?

If you want to stay, I will turn around and go away but

I promise to be worth your while, I live for your smile

If it’s for the children to play, I will continue to slay

With a twist of the wrist, and a shift of my weight

I will cut everyone down, I will bloody the ground

Clean them up right after, so i can hear the children’s laughter

Some trade sanity for safety, blood for belonging

Others trade their pain for a chance to live again

The things they wish for, I make them come true

Then I will take them away, to a far away place

Where they can laugh and play, or even squander the day away

So long as they are happy, so long as they are safe

Little one I will do anything, to protect their life and smiles

Will you let me do this for you?

*kid replies*

With your decision in mind, I am going to save your life


With your decision in mind, I can no longer save your life

(outcome depends on the child’s will)

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