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Whose Minority?

Becoming a minority amongst the minorities

Superior yet inferior

Backlashed for the back past

Refused the pedestal, yet chased with it

Smile bright, sit tight

My ethnicity covers more than just white

Front not a single pretense

Receive rules on how to coexist

Always wanting proof my blood runs red

And that I can cry from what somebody said

We’re faced with reverse racism of the haughtily demanding

Once cleared of the racial misunderstanding

Twice refuted for misconceptions regarding standings

Thrice left in want of a bridge to breach the barriers between ‘would be’ friends

But it’s just as distant a wish as your ancestors’ homeland

Until I try to interact, they forget what I rep

Slander yourself and they agree, stay objective and they whisper racist

Everyone raises awareness yet when I show up they feel repressed

Ties to USA, Ireland, Italy, England and Finland (who all lack melanin)

Why should it be my fault how much sun touches my skin?

Go through life with what people think is a ‘false sense of entitlement’

But fight for that right every second of every day

Live in the hood, live in the ghetto; but I’m just a white falsetto

Turn the other cheek when provoked, speak my mind only in confidence

Labeled as a snob who doesn’t associate with others, wonder why

Can never win either way so antisocial I’m forced to stay

I’m accustomed to the fight for dominance, power exchanged between hands

Long ago I gave up on an equal world

Since everyone else always acts so feral

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